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Coffee, Smartphone repair, Free Wi-Fi and Super fast charging station

Smaffee Cafe

What is Smaffee Cafe?

Drink coffee while we repair your phone or simply enjoy
high speed Wi-Fi and super fast smartphone charging station for free.

Coffee & Relax

We proud to serve intelligencia coffee. Enjoy snack, cold drink, foods and selected phone accessories.

Smartphone repair

Smart Guy Repair is our background who serves thousands of repair service for last 5 years. Best price and best skilled repair service for you.

Super Fast WIFI

We are not using home router for our customer. Fast internet with high grade commercial switcher and router provide best Wi-Fi experience.

Super Fast Charging Station

Charge your smartphone 20% to 80% while you drink a cup of coffee. We provide state of art high speed phone charging station for free.

Smartphone Repair

Don't be frustrated. We'll fix it for you.

We are the solution for your smart devices.

We do repairs

We work on smartphones, iOS, Anroid, Apple computers, tablets and much more!

30min Repair

Rush? Need phone immediately? Don't worry! We'll repair while you wait.

Cracked Screens

Cracked screens is most popular case of our customer. We offer 30min repair for most popular smart phone.

Reasonable Price

We offer you reasonable price with excellent and precise service. We don't use 3rd party parts but OEM parts.

30 days Warranty

Be confident. We offer free 30 days warranty for repair we did.

Exclusive Coffee

We use Intelligentsia Coffee bean to provide you with exclusive, remarkable coffees you won’t find anywhere else.

Our Pricing

Bring your damaged phone

Don't be frustrated We'll fix it for you.

iPhone 5 Series

Screen repair

  •    $60 iPhone 5
  •    $60 iPhone 5 S
  •    $60 iPhone 5 SE
  •    $60 iPhone 5 C

iPhone 6 Series

Screen repair

  •    $70 iPhone 6
  •    $80 iPhone 6 Plus
  •    $90 iPhone 6 S
  •    $110 iPhone 6 S Plus

iPhone 7 Series

Screen repair

  •    $110 iPhone 7
  •    $120 iphone 7 Plus



  • Start from $80 iPad Series
  • $30 Water damage cleaning
  • TBA Samsung SmartPhones
  • $10 Screen protector

Hear What Are Clients Say


Questions and Answers

How long does screen repair take?

Screen repair service usually takes 20~30 minutes, but it depends on the damage and device.

My phone got water damage

First, don’t turn your phone on! Bring your phone as soon as possible. If you bring your phone within a day or less, there is more potential to revive your phone. We will perform cleaning service first and test the phone that might have extra damaged part. (check-up is free)

My speaker, microphone, camera, and/or charging port is not working

It will take about 30 minute to get the job done, but some parts might need to be ordered prior to repair service. The price starts from $40. (check-up is free)

My phone is not on the price list

Don’t worry. Bring your phone to us, we will take a look. We can take most phones include LG, Xiaomi, and more. It will take less than a week to repair the phone that is not listed.

How and when should I pay?

Check-up is free. Customers will pay after the repair service done. We accept cash, credit/debit card, Venmo, Paypal but check.

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